Business Sale and Equity Raising

Bruce McGechan is the NZ Partner at One to One Corporate Finance and International Investment Bank.

Through One to One Bruce assists business owners:

  • sell 100% of their mid-market businesses
  • or raise equity for fast growth businesses.

The generic term is “Financial Intermediary” but is also called an M&A Advisory, Corporate Advisory or Investment Bank. Smaller businesses use Business Brokers.

An intermediary introduces business owners to investors. The introduction provides investors with all the information they need to know to make an investment decision. On the other side of a deal, I assist with structuring the transaction.

See the article on the business sale process on how we sell a business including what it is different from selling a small and medium business.

This article is actually Chapter 21 of Selling a New Zealand Business with ‘No Regrets’. It covers the process including the following:

  • Intermediary Advisor
  • Research and Analysis
  • Documentation Preparation
  • Sales Material
  • The Approach
  • The Investigation
  • The Offer
  • Auction Process
  • Due Diligence
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Closing
  • Delayed Payments
  • Small vs Mid-Market Business
  • What’s a mid-market business?

Fealty follows an Exit Planning process pre sale in order to prepare a business for sale. This maximises the sales price and terms of a transaction. See the exit planning article for more on this process. An Exit Strategy also helps ensure you achieve your retirement personal and financial goals.

Fees include up-front advisory fees, retainer fees and/or transaction fees.

One to One Corporate Finance

One to One Corporate Finance

ONEtoONE Corporate Finance Group is an International Investment Bank with offices all around the world specialized in M&A advisory, serving the lower-middle-market and the middle-market.

Our Mission is to help the business owner maximize the value of his life work.

We deliver this by supporting our clients to secure new investment, move into new markets through acquisitions, strengthen their market position through a merger, value their business, and ultimately to sell their companies.

ONEtoONE helps find, attract, and close deals with the buyers or investors who can pay the most, thus maximizing the value of companies. ONEtoONE has worked on more than 1000 engagements.

As experts in Mergers & Acquisitions, our 360º methodology provides a framework and set of tools specifically designed to reduce transaction time and maximize value for our clients. Our excellent team, databases, and processes allow us to conduct worldwide searches, to locate and to interest the best possible counterparts for your transaction.