The Book: Selling a New Zealand Business with 'No Regrets'

Selling a New Zealand Business with “No Regrets”:
through using Exit Planning to sell the Asset that makes up most of your Wealth.
By Bruce McGechan.

Selling a business isn’t a transaction. It is the start of the next stage of you and your spouse’s life. It is the wealth that will help you achieve a successful retirement.

And yet 4 out of 5 businesses do not sell. Of those that do sell, 75% of business owners profoundly regret their exit 12 months later.

The business sale process is broken. Not just in New Zealand but around the world. In the US, a new process has been developed called exit planning. This process maximises the business value, and financially and personally prepares the business owner and family for retirement.

This book applies this Exit Planning Institute process to NZ business. It has two parts:

1) Exit Planning that prepares the business for sale and

2) The business sale process.

It also explains Valuation and the other Exit Options including Management Buyout, Family Transfer, Private Equity and Recapitalisation.

It is the book every business owner should read before they exit their business.

Citation. McGechan, B.A. (2021) Selling a New Zealand Business with “No Regrets”: through using Exit Planning to sell the Asset that makes up most of your Wealth., New Zealand: Mobile Language Ltd. ISBN 978-0-473-55860-4.

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Paperback (6″x9″)
215 pages.

Free Chapters

Download the first four chapters for free.

This includes

  • Chapter 1: Most Businesses Don’t Sell
  • Chapter 2: Successfully Transition
  • Chapter 3: The Core Concepts
  • Chapter 4: The Gaps—Wealth, Value and Profit

along with the foreword, book structure and table of contents.

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Book Resources

The book uses a case study called Grapester, an industrial machinery company, to illustrate how exit planning works in practice. It has the case study chapters after relevant exit planning chapters. The book resources refer to:
– the financial model and the value calculation (Excel)
– the market attractiveness and exit readiness assessment reports (PDF).

Please click below to access the resources.

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Bruce and the Book in the News

Why banking on a business sale could prove disastrous for your retirement.
By Tamsyn Parker, Money Editor, NZ Herald.

“Many business owners who plan to cash up to fund their retirement are setting themselves up for disaster, an expert in business sales is warning.

Bruce McGechan, an entrepreneur and business exit planning expert, says four out of five small to medium-sized businesses don’t sell leaving many who have their wealth tied up in the business struggling to fund their golden years.”

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