Curious Kiwi Capitalist Podcast Introduction

Episode 0. Introduction to the Curious Kiwi Capitalist Podcast

1st August 2019

The Curious Kiwi Capitalist podcast is about the New Zealand capital markets and the people in them including:

  • asset allocation and portfolios
  • private business capital structure
  • business valuation
  • M&A process
  • behavioural finance
  • capital allocators
  • private equity
  • venture capital
  • alternative investments
  • investment strategies and how we apply them from NZ (e.g. passive, active, factor based,
  • savings vehicles including ETFs, PIE funds and KiwiSaver
  • managed investment fund CIOs
  • hedge funds
  • IPO and NZ
  • NZX
  • ASX
  • banks, non-banks, reserve bank, investment banks
  • financial advisers
  • due diligence
  • negotiating a sale and purchase agreement
  • …whatever takes my fancy really, it’s my curiosity after all 🙂

It is for investors and capital allocators, business owners and investment bankers, financial advisers and wealth managers, venture capitalists and angel investors, finance students and their professors… it’s about the NZ finance industry.

I speak with New Zealanders who have real insight into NZ capital markets. We talk about history, about how they got here, how they think our capital markets can be better and their views about family, politics, rugby, wine…

It’s not a lecture or a journalist’s interview, just a friendly discussion about them and their views. It is about their own finance industry journey, their own thoughts—not a staid business interview.

As an M&A Adviser and previously an Authorised Financial Adviser, I’m in the unique position of operating on the sell-side (M&A) and the buy-side (financial advice and investment planning). The industry is fascinating and I hope I can bring out all that is interesting in this podcast.